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Ronnies Sex Shop

Posted by admin on September 25, 2011

ronnies.jpgThis pub just outside Barrydale on the road to Ladysmith was once a shop that farmer Ronnie owned. It was then called 'Ronnies shop'. Business on the then R62 was not going well and the shop was closed down and left derelict. One day after a dinner party with Ronnie, his friends decided to play a trick on him and paint the word "SEX" in red next to Ronnies Shop. A trick that changed Ronnies life. And so the pub was born.

Nowadays as one drives along the now famous Route62, one cannot help but stop at Ronnies Sex Shop for some welcome refreshments (no sex !!!)and to take a photo for the album. Ronnies is fast becoming the most photographed place on The Route 62.

'Ronnies Sex Shop' has since become a booming business and Ronnie has never looked back, the pub has regular visitors from all around the world, is featured in most travel magazines, and is now a favourite stop for the many bikers enjoying the awsome beauty of the Route 62.

There is also the "Road Kill Cafe" where one can enjoy a snack.

So not a bad trick played by his friends after all.


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