Barrydale in the little Karoo on Route 62

Barrydale, a historical village has a largely colourful, eccentric, diverse and enterprising community.There are many interesting things to do in and around the area.

The Warmwaterberg Natural Hot Springs are about 25km from Barrydale overlooking the vast Little Karoo plains and the distant Langeberg Mountains.

There are various churches in Barrydale including the large Dutch Reformed Church that make up for much of Barrydale's history and diversity.

The now world famous Ronnies Sex Shop is not far from Barrydale on the Route 62.

Outdoors activities include swimming in rock pools in The Tradouws Pass, 4 hiking trails of varying distance, 4 x 4 routes, quad biking,mountain biking,tennis and bowls.

Wineries, wine tasting, craft beer  and the now famous Barrydale Brandy tasting.

Barrydale  has a fantastic climate that is warm in the long  summer months and the winters are cold enough to sit around the open fireplace.

Barrydale also has all the basic facilities that one needs, a bank with an ATM machine, a post office, and a supermarket.

There are various interesting craft shops.

There are a variety of interesting cafe's, restaurants, bars, weavers,  jewelers, on The Route 62  within easy walking distance from the house.

Tradouw House has all the facilities for one to enjoy a safe, peaceful, quiet and tranquil country atmosphere with abundant fresh air and African sun, where one can just relax with a book in our large gardens, and savour the fresh country air away from the hustle and bustle of the busy R62.

History of Barrydale

Barrydale was founded for two main reasons, the first of them being the good water supply from the mountains and the fertile soil where fruits including apricots, peaches, apples, pears and of course grapes are farmed.

The second reason for the development of Barrydale was the establishment and construction of The Dutch Reformed Church that serves the needs of the local community of Barrydale, and the surrounding farming community of Barrydale.

The Tradouws Pass was built to facilitate trade between Swellendam and the farmers in Barrydale and  Little Karoo. Taken from the Koisan words 'Tarras' (footpath) and 'Doas' (girls). the two words were combined to create the word Tradouw. Started in 1873 and completed in 1877 by Thomas Bain, the great road engineer who constructed many of the passes in The Western Cape and throughout South Africa.

The pass was tarred in the early 1980's and is now a scenic route between Barrydale, Suurbraak and Swellendam.

The  name Barrydale is said to honour a businessman by the name of Joseph Barry, the founder of  the commercial company called Barry and Nephews in Swellendam the third oldest magisterial distict in South Africa.and was the main business in the area.

The first school was opened in 1885 and still stands on grounds donated by Robert Cooke a Barrydale farmer  in 1918. The Cooke family still play a prominent and important part of Barrydale.

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