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San Caves and San Paintings

Posted by admin on September 25, 2011

Many years ago the San people who were known to be hunter-gatherers populated the Overberg area.

As a result of Colonialism and Westernisation, these people were used as slaves and farm workers. The people as a whole disintegrated in this area but they left behind paintings on the walls of caves that can be likened to the hieroglyphics that the Egyptians left in the pyramids.

Like the hieroglyphics, these San Paintings were done to tell the stories of the culture and society that once inhabited the area. Pigments were made up from plants, soils and rocks and as such are very earthly colours.

There are examples of this section of South African history in the Tradouw Pass that are almost untouched by modern man. These paintings reveal the history of the San people in this area.

One can hike up to the caves to see the paintings.

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